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How we become Top & Best Restaurants in Glasgow

24 November 2021

Regardless in case you are either visiting or are adequately lucky to live in Glasgow, eating out in Koolba is a treat in light of the fact that the best restaurants to eat in Merchant city, Glasgow, Especially Koolba will leave you feeling like you need to visit again and again.


Explore KOOLBA’S Lunch Menu

25 August 2021


KOOLBA, situated at 109 Candleriggs Merchant City, Glasgow, is quite possibly the most enjoyed eateries for lunch in Merchant City. Lunch is served from Monday – Friday 12 to 2pm and the menu includes starter like Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Breast Pakora & Hornous with Pitta Bread (Mashed chickpeas with garlic, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil).

Explore the Delicious Biryani cuisines at KOOLBA

23 June 2021

Indian food has had immense noticeable quality in the UK. From Celebrating Samosa Week to assigning chicken tikka masala as the National food, UK has been clear about its shameless love for Indian food


Customer’s View about Us – a blog about loyal Review’s

30 December 2020


Glasgow is a vibrant and exciting city & famous for the ever-evolving food and drink scene and legendary nightlife. It is also a great city to visit and immerse you in the British culture. If you are a fan of the Foodies, then a trip to the city will be just right for you! And if not, there are still many great sites to go and see in the city. Here, Every Restaurant has a unique story about their ambience, Staff behaviour & the most important thing “FOOD”.

Where to eat in Glasgow?

05 November 2020

Glasgow is a lovely city of Scotland with beautiful Gardens, history, and comforts that make it a magnificent spot for your Scotland get-away. Glasgow is an awesome city with a dynamic and energizing nightlife. It's not simply bars and clubs that make it exceptional, in light of the fact is that the Glasgow eatery scene is truly outstanding throughout the nation.



16 September 2020


Who doesn’t love Indian food, specially when its done to its perfection? Loaded with heavenly flavors, hot chillies and an exceptional taste that leaves a tart surface in your taste buds. Many connoisseur around the world has named Indian food is the marvellous cuisine!! Discovering Indian food in a far off nations may have been actually quite troublesome in early days; however, with the beginning of globalization and its development, Indian food has gotten effectively available in numerous nations.

Takeaways and Home delivery by KoolBa

KOOLBA Indian restaurant in Glasgow has been popular for its quality of food and the twist it brings in the Indian cooking. With the standards we posses in anything we do, we have started a takeaway and delivery option for our prestigious clients. In comapre to many other high street takeaways we are one of the best & authentic Indian food home delivery in Glasgow. Amid this pandemic, we have given the concerns on takeaways and deliveries because many of our customers has missed our food, though we maintained the highest of standards of hygiene but we have become doubled our practice for health and hygiene.