Craving Authentic Indian Food? Order Glasgow Delivery from KoolBa! Craving Authentic Indian Food? Order Glasgow Delivery from KoolBa!

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Takeaways and Home delivery by KoolBa

KOOLBA Indian restaurant in Glasgow has been popular for its quality of food and the twist it brings in the Indian cooking. With the standards we posses in anything we do, we have started a takeaway and delivery option for our prestigious clients. In comapre to many other high street takeaways we are one of the best & authentic Indian food home delivery in Glasgow. Amid this pandemic, we have given the concerns on takeaways and deliveries because many of our customers has missed our food, though we maintained the highest of standards of hygiene but we have become doubled our practice for health and hygiene.


We Miss you more than you miss us, that is the reason we are back with planned kitchen practice. So if you are missing Indian food in the city of Glasgow then KOOLBA is the best online Indian restaurant for home delivery. We deliver delicious Indian food at home. The food we serve is prepared in safely environment kitchens by genuine eatery chiefs who share affection for food and energy for cooking. Each plate of food served by KOOLBA is readied utilizing the fresh, top-quality. Our food is likewise liberated from any sort of synthetic based colorants, taste enhancers or additives.

We regularly wind up longing for the flavour of mother's stew or grandmother's extraordinary curry despite the fact that we have a plenitude of confounding options. In any case, the truth is nothing compares to mom's cooking and the food you grew up eating. So, here at Koolba, we are giving you a memory of food nostalgia. If you look back in the past and want your special curry in same way you had in our restaurant before, we are here to deliver you that specials at home delivery from the best curry restaurant in Glasgow. Let your craving for indian food come to an end Order online Indian food home delivery.

We follow the Trends in the top names in british Food Industry. We Create a Culture of Transparency and Top Quality Customer Service.

One of our restaurant specials is the Kebab, We have the large options in kebab, Kofta (Kobideh) Kebab, Chicken (Joojeh) Kebab, Majestic (Makhsoos) Kebab, Shashlik Kebab, Royal (Soltani) Kebab, Persian Kebab these all are the best and unique of the kebabs in the galsgow.


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Menu Koolba

Koolba has unique Menu for Indian and Persian cuisine. We are in Merchant city to serve best quality foods and drinks.

Getting Indian food delivered is no longer a feat impossible to be achieved! But choosing the authentic cooking style restaurant is a pretty hard to find. In Glasgow, there is a lots of online home delivery glasgow restaurants, who deliveres their food via online but at KOOLBA we differntiate ourselves with a bit extra in everything we do, may it be in Food Quality, Customer service, Delivery Packaging or health and Safety precautions. We are working hard to achieve the title of best glasgow home delivery restaurants.