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Imagine a lush green valley in central Persia. At the base of the valley a river meanders below the treeline. Above the sky reigns supreme. on the side of the valley, not quite halfway down, nestles a small farmhouse. It feels like the house has been there as long as the river has meandered, the sun has shone. This farmhouse is what the Persians call a “Koolba”.
The brothers’ family have owned this Koolba for generations. When they moved to the city they counted the days until the holidays would return them to their rural idyl. What better place for boys to climb trees, swim in rivers and throw stones at goats?
This KoolBa was unique. Geographically it marked the halfway point between the ancient capital of Constantinople and the Punjabi capital city of Lahore. It sat in the middle of the most important trading route between Asia Minor, Europe and the sub continent of India. Greeks and Turks would travel East, Indians and Afghans travel West. They all met at the Koolba.
That is why this Koolba is so special, so unique. Not only was the kitchen home to the great Persian classics, every traveller left a little something, from the East, a little something from the West. Spices from South India, peppers from the Mediterranean, all combined in the kitchen.
There is a through line, a story to be told from Persia to Punjab. The food evolves as you travel. The links between the traditions are plain to see. The meats, the breads, the vegetables. Subtle changes, finessed flavours mark the journey.
And so we bring you Koolba. The very best of Persian food, the very best of the Punjab, and beyond. The destination is the journey