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What Are The Main Persian Food Dishes?

If you want to explore Persian cuisine, then you’ll certainly want to take a look at these top Persian dishes, they remain to be a personal favourite among our loyal customers.


Shashlik consists of a lamb fillet that is marinated before being cooked on a BBQ. This dish is very famous in Pakistan, and it is great when served with a variety of cooked peppers. It is often paired with a fresh salad, a light dressing, and the marinade really brings this dish together.

Panir and Sabzi

Panir and Sabzi is certainly a stand-out dish in terms of Persian cuisine. Various restaurants in Glasgow have this dish, and it really does explore the journey from Persia to Punjab. It consists of vegetables and cheese, however what makes this dish unique is that the cheese is incredibly salty. This is balanced by a tangy feta which is often served as a side to the dish, as well as a light portion of olives, herbs and salad items.

Mirza Ghassemi

This dish can often be found on the banks of the Caspian Sea. It consists of lightly seared aubergines which are smoked to perfection, before being cooked in a tomato sauce. The dish is also served with garlic and egg, and the smoked flavour really comes through when paired with the garlic and tomato.

Kofta Kebab

This dish can often be found in our curry restaurants in Glasgow. The meat is seasoned with various spices and roasted on a charcoal BBQ. The meat is often served with salad and other light additions, so the flavour of the meat really does come through. This is the ideal meal if you want succulent meaty flavours with a full bodied undertone.