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The Benefits of Eating Indian Spices

The Indian cuisine is bursting full of colour, flavour and smells. Not only that, Indian spices have numerous health benefits. At KoolBa, we pride ourselves on our hand picked spices and the range that we use in all of our dishes. We have listed our top spices that we use everyday in the kitchen and have detailed their wonderful benefits.


India is currently the largest producer of ginger throughout the world and first came to Europe via India in the first century AD due to the inflation of the spice trades. A 2008 study published in the “European Journal Gastroenterology and Hepatology” found that ginger has a positive effect on the G.I tract. Furthermore, a study showed a 40% improvement in osteoarthritis pain after taking a ginger extract. It aids digestion by helping food move through the intestines faster. A hot cup of water and slices ginger will sort out an upset stomach, feelings of nausea or the cold.


A relative of ginger, this is the bright orange spice, which we use, it is a plant and has several health benefits. The National Institute of Health found that turmeric is great in the treatment of arthritis, stomach bloating, stomach pain, heartburn and loss of appetite. It can also be used for issues like skin inflammation, and as of December 2013 is being evaluated for potential effectiveness against kidney and cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.



This spice is made from the seeds of several plants and is native to the forests in India. Once you have broken the outer shell to expose the pods inside, can you then experience the benefits of the spice within a chai tea. (add cinnamon, cloves and some ginger and you will have the perfect chai tea) It can be combined with anything from potatoes to pastries. It can be used in the aid of all digestive problems and has even shown signs to have cancer-fighting effects, as well helping manage diabetes. Furthermore, it helps control your cholesterol levels and is good for the heart. It is a great spice to add to starchy vegetables or rice.


India is one of the largest producers of coriander in the world and has been used for over 7,000 years. It has great anti-inflammatory properties and helps to aid digestion. Moreover, it is good to help deal with sore throats, toothache and allergy problems such as hay fever. It is a good source of vitamin C, has high iron content and even some anti-bacterial properties. You can use coriander in almost anything!

Black Pepper

Not many people would associate this with India, but it is actually native to the southern parts of India, yet Vietnam are currently the world’s largest producer and exporter of black peppers with 34% of the market. Black pepper is actually a fruit that is dried and used as spices. (it is a fruit initially, then is known as a peppercorn when dried) They have many health properties such as helping to cope with an upset stomach, aids digestion and also contains essential nutrients; vitamin K, iron and proteins. Not only that, it helps treat sore throats, chesty coughs and toothaches. Black pepper is used in every single dish in the world!


Native from the Mediterranean to India, you get the seeds from a flowering plant. This spice is used in many different cuisines and is very versatile. It is another great source of iron and helps to keep you immune system fighting fit. It has shown to help with digestion, treat a fever and loss of appetite. It is believed to help with heath disease as well.