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The Essentials Of Persian Cooking

Persian cuisine is the traditional and modern style of cooking in Iran and typically involved dishes that combine rice with lamb, chicken, fish or vegetables. Not as heavily spiced as most Indian dishes, the art of Persian cooking is a delicate balance between sweet and sour, subtle and in your face; Persian cuisine is a whole unique flavour of its own. In order to achieve the perfect balance between each of these dishes we use several essential Persian flavourings. Here at Koolba, we pride ourselves on our locally sourced, hand picked ingredients and use only the highest quality of spices in each one of our Persian dishes – not only that, you extract optimal flavour and health benefits out of the spices when they are at their freshest and of the highest quality.

Discovering Persian ingredients and spices is an exciting time: the array of colours, fragrances and variety can be daunting when it comes to using them in your cooking at home, but we want to outline the key accompaniments and spices in Persian cooking that give you that exact Persian, and unmistakable, taste and flavour.

Dried Limes

Having been dried in the sun for a long period of time, the limes have lost their water content, leaving behind an intense combination of lime juice and rind. They are both sweet and bitter and we normally use them in our stews and soups by throwing them in whole – they can be cut up and used in different dishes after cooking.

This spice is derived from a flower and is used as an intense flavouring and colouring. It’s rich golden colour and delicate fragrance adds great depth and dimension to each one of our dishes. Not only that, saffron is such a huge commodity in Persian cuisine and culture, Iran currently accounts for approximately 90% of the world’s production of saffron. We use saffron in many of our Persian dishes: rice, meats, curries, cheese and soups. Used in many Indian and Persian dishes, saffron is also used in several other cuisines including Italian, French and Spanish. Not only that, saffron is very versatile and can be used in dyes and textiles due to its wonderful, deep colour.

Green Herbs

Known as sabzi in Persian cuisine, this means green herbs. We use numerous green herbs, too many to list individually, and these include mint, dill, chives, basil, parsley, fenugreek and tarragon. Fresh and dried green herbs are the basis of numerous dishes and offer fragrance and balance to its surrounding flavours.

Rose Water

The vanilla extract of Persia, rose water is used in several Indian and Persian dishes. The water is seen to be symbolic and is used in cleansing routines. You will normally find the sweet, flowery flavour in desserts such as baklava, rice puddings and ice cream, although it can add a great dimension to your rice, salads or yoghurt.

At KoolBa, we pride ourselves on our delicious, hand picked menu that displays an array of some of the best dishes in Indian and Persian cuisine. We make every single plate fresh to order to ensure you receive the highest quality of service, but most importantly, you experience the taste of these cuisines exactly as you should. Using only the best, and the freshest ingredients, we want to bring the joys of Persian cuisine right here to you in the heart of Merchant City, Glasgow. So, contact us now and book your table today at KoolBa, an Indian and Persian restaurant dedicated to providing you with the wonderful flavours and aromas of these cuisines.