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Indian food can be very exciting, and at the best of times a really healthy approach.

Generally people are often confused as to what to order when eating out at an Indian restaurant. You don’t want your first foray into a confusing new cuisine to be inedible. People are often too scared to try something new in case that they spoil their appetite on the evening.

Another common occurrence is that some people find chili peppers in their curry to be too hot. Indian food has changed over many years and it is a symbol of how Indian culture has the ability to consider outside influences yet still remain unique in its own right.

Indian cooking and cuisine has taken the delicate and sometimes intricate art of blending spices and honed it to perfection.

Indian food includes some the most delicious array of fresh vegetables and fruit cooked in a variety of ways which help retain freshness.

Traditional Indian cooking always exclusively uses fresh ingredients and often involves creating dishes from the very beginning. The benefit of this? Less preservatives and healthier meals.

A typical meal will also be accompanied with a flatbread and copious amounts of rice. Most people choose a naan (nan) bread. A naan is made from white flour, and is usually brushed with butter or ghee just before serving.

There are breads such as roti, paratha, chappati, which can often be a healthy side to have while eating Indian or Persian food. Usually, rotis are created from wheat flour or a whole wheat flour blend.

Indian cuisine utilises common spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, green chillies. These are well-known for medicinal and healing benefits. Indian meals normally include carbohydrates, proteins, and fibre, all these elements make a balanced meal.

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