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Our Traditional Indian & Persian Dishes

In the heart of all the Merchant City restaurants Glasgow, you will find our welcoming and authentic Indian and Persian restaurant, KoolBa. We use only the best, locally sourced and hand picked ingredients and spices and pride ourselves on the freshness of our dishes. Each and every Indian and Persian dish undertakes a taste journey through all their different spices and are made to order each and every time. If you are looking for restaurants in Merchant City that has a lovely warm atmosphere with staff that will do every thing they can to accommodate and serve your table to the highest standard, then get down to KoolBa and try out our top Indian and Persian dishes. With 8.1% of the population in Glasgow occupied by Asian ethnic groups, there is a small, but delicious number of true authentic Indian restaurants. We are regarded as the home to some of the best curries in Glasgow, and our trip advisor reviews can back this up. Here are some of our favourite dishes which we serve every day at KoolBa:

Our traditional Indian dishes

Bhuna – this dish is created by gently frying the appropriate spices in a little oil to bring out all of the full flavours. This is a thick sauce which is packed full of garlic, ginger and lots of fresh tomato and is about medium hot. We then add the meat of your choice, simmer the spices and sauces together to create a delicious, homemade bhuna. indian dishes persian dishes Glasgow

Dopiaza – this dish is one of the most traditional dishes to make in Indian culture and dates back to around Moghul times. Literally translated, dopiaza means two onions – ‘do’ means two and ‘piaza’ means onions. The dish is started by slow cooking the onions, which is actually the base of this masala. We then add fresh flavours, such as black pepper, clove and cardamom. We then add your meat of choice and simmer the flavours together; this is medium hot.

Saag – this is classic Indian curry that is leaf based; we make ours with spinach and lamb. We combine our saag with a delicious masala and let our locally sourced and handpicked spinach do the talking. This is also severed medium hot and in a similar style to our bhuna.

Kashmiri Korma – the basis of a korma consists of meat braised in a spiced sauce to which you add cream or yoghurt. This technique is used across all different types of korma and is actually a characteristic Moghul dish that can be traced back all the way to the 16th century. The flavour of our Kashmiri korma combines this cooking technique with coconut and fruit.

Our Traditional Persian Dishes

Shashlik – a popular form of shish kebab, this dish is traditionally a skewer of meat that has been marinated in herbs and spices then grilled on the barbeque. We serve our lamb shashlik with salad, mixed pepper, onions and dressing.

Kofta indian dishes persian dishes GlasgowKebab – this is the world’s most traditional and best kebab. We serve our kofta on two skewers with salad. Our perfectly spiced and seasoned minced lamb is grilled on an open charcoal barbeque and made to serve.

Royal Chicken Kebab – the spice mix that we use to marinade our chicken for this kebab, is a family secret. We blend just the right spices and just the right amounts to create one of our best, and very delicious, marinades. We serve this kebab with salad and dressing, and highly recommend this dish.

We would love to see you in Merchant City and dining with us in KoolBa. With a great menu, and lots to choose from, we are sure you will find something that will keep you coming back for me. We have perfected the most traditional Indian and Persian dishes to ensure when you come to KoolBa, you are getting the most authentic dining experience possible, but in the heart of Glasgow.