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The most authentic merchant city restaurant – KoolBa

Glasgow is an exciting and vibrant city to live in or to visit and one of its greatest advantages is the great variety of food and experiences it offers. The Merchant City restaurants located in the centre of Glasgow are a definite must see, must visit, and must try for any food enthusiast, and there is no merchant city restaurant more authentic and exotic than Koolba.

What differentiates Koolba from any other restaurant is the quality and professionalism in everything we do, from our chefs to the fresh ingredients we use in our dishes. We stand out from the rest with the amazing fusion of Indian and Persian cuisine we offer and our promise for an exotic and special experience any time you visit us.  Our city centre location and the atmosphere we strive to create make us a perfect place for a variety of events from a business meeting to a romantic date.

Business meeting

As a Merchant City restaurant we are located minutes away from most office and corporate buildings in the city centre, making us a perfect location for a business meeting. Whether it’s to go out with colleagues or to impress your boss, Koolba is the right place to for you. It will provide a new, exiting environment, while proving your good taste and willingness to try new things and experiment. Who would not want to give their business partners or colleagues a new and different perspective of themselves and a strong lasting impression?

Bar Scene

Alternatively to a great meal we also provide a great bar scene with a wide selection of quality wines and beers to satisfy any taste. Fancy a Friday drink after work or a few drinks before an amazing meal? Then Koolba is the place to go.

Entertaining clients

Entertaining clients could be a difficult task. No one would risk a deal over an unsatisfactory dining experience and that is why Koolba is so popular in potential and existing clients’ entertainment. We provide the high quality service and food that will keep you and your clients happy. Our Merchant City location makes it efficient and easy to take your clients out for lunch and to be back at the office in no time.

Groups and special occasions

You have a special occasion to celebrate? Maybe a promotion, maybe an anniversary? Koolba can provide the best setting for your group of friends or relatives and keep them entertained for the whole night. Contact us in advance to discuss what kind of event you would like to hold and we can help you make it come true.  We will provide a tailored experience that will match your needs. If you have special requests like surprises or ideas that you want to try we will give you professional advice and help make the plan for the night.


Last but not least, Koolba is a perfect location for a romantic date. Exotic food, great selection of wines, outstanding service and an authentic atmosphere. What could be more impressive than that? All you need to do is make a reservation and come to our Merchant City location. Leave everything else to us and we will make it a night to remember!

These are a few of the benefits we offer to our customers as a premier restaurant in the Glasgow Merchant City.  Come visit us and find out more.