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15 traditional Indian dishes that you cannot miss

If you are a fan of the Indian cuisine then you have probably tried many dishes and have a good idea of the diversity of recipes out there. However, even for the most experienced culinary enthusiasts Indian cuisine can be surprising and exciting. At KoolBa we know that and we deliver great quality food, made with fresh ingredients and prepared professionally every day. This has won us the reputation as one of the best Merchant City restaurants and a renowned award-winning restaurant in Glasgow. To help all our customers get an idea of Indian cuisine even before they visit KoolBa we created a list of the most popular Indian dishes and their ideal use.

1. Biryani

Biryani is a traditional dish that combines aromatic rice with marinated chicken or mutton. One of the spices used is saffron, which has proven health benefits. This dish is ideal for a big family dinner.

2. Momos

Momos is a variation of dimsum, a dish native to the North Eastern states and the border with Nepal. It is consumed with hot red chutney and is perfect for a quick snack or after a long day at work.

3. Idli

Idli is made from fermented batter of ground rice and lentils that are steamed in small circular moulds. The dish comes from South India and is quite heavy. It is traditionally consumed as a breakfast food.

4. Gulab Jaamun

The Gulab Jaamun is a traditional dish made from dried milk. The dried milk is shaped like small balls, slowly cooked and boiled in sugar syrup. It is an ideal dessert after a great family meal.

5. Chole Bhature

The Chole Bhature is a spiced, curried chickpea dish consumed as a late weekend breakfast. It is served with fried flour bread.

6. Nethili Varuval

The Nethili Varuval is an exotic dish that comes from the region Chettinad of South India. It is made from anchovies dipped in turmeric and red chillies paste and fried. It is ideal for a crispy appetiser.

7. Kati Roll

Kati Roll is a traditional Indian street food. It is a wrap of kebabs, vegetables, eggs and spices all wrapped in paratha, a traditional type of flat bread. It is a great meal if you are on the go.

8. Rajma

Popular across North India, Rajma is a great dish combining kidney beans and a thick gravy usually served with rice. It is served piping hot and is ideal for a winter meal.

9. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a small round bread that is filled with spiced water, potato, tamarind paste, onion, and chickpeas. This crispy dish gives you an exotic combination of so many flavours and tastes that it is certain to become your favourite.

10. Jalebi

The Jalebi is made from wheat flour batter and is deep fried in coil-shapes. Then it is soaked in sugar syrup and served hot. It is a great dish to warm you up and give you the sweet taste you are craving.


11. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is definitely one of the most famous Indian dishes around the world. It consists of marinated in yogurt and spices chicken that is then roasted in a clay oven called tandoor. It is a relatively easy dish that is loved by all.

12. Banana Chips

Banana Chips are a great snack when you are watching a movie or when you are with friends. It is made from deep friend banana slices and savoury spices.

13. Baingan Bharta

The Baingan Bharta is a great dish combining eggplants that are roasted and mashed together with a variety of vegetables and spices. It is served with flatbread and is ideal for a fancy, exciting vegetarian meal.

14. Dosa

Dosa is a crispy flat bread made of rice batter. It is similar to a crepe or pancakes and is usually serves with sambar (lentil sauce) and a variety of chutneys. Ideal for breakfast.

15. Kulfi

Kufli is a traditional Indian ice prepared from thickened milk, almonds and pistachios. It is a great dish combining ice cream with Indian spices and tradition.

These are some of the most famous traditional Indian dishes loved all over the world. If you would like to learn more and experience some of these yourself then visit KoolBa. As one of the best Merchant City Restaurants we are just a call away. So contact us today and book a table for your unforgettable Indian cuisine experience.