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KoolBa – The Best Curry Restaurant in Britain

Unique and perhaps a little quirky. KoolBa isn’t your average Indian restaurant. Presenting a selection of authentically prepared Indian and Persian dishes, KoolBa extends beyond the classic fine dining experience. You will witness the entire package here; fantastic food, enchanting surroundings, exceptional customer service and a vast collection of beer and wine to compliment your dish.

Immersed In Character

Situated in the picturesque Merchant City and the culinary centre of Glasgow, KoolBa’s exquisite tastes ensures success continues to reign. On entry you can almost hear the historical tale of the KoolBa as the rich  scents and obscure textures captivate your senses. The Persian landscape would surround the KoolBa many generations ago.

Consumed in greenery alongside endless valleys, the brother’s would visit their solitary farmhouse.

As mirrored in the modern day restaurant, the uniqueness of the KoolBa was apparent. Situated at the centre of the major trading route between the ancient capital of Constantinople and the capital city Lahore.

As their paths crossed – travellers from Asia, Europe and India would gather at the KoolBa.

The kitchen founded a variety of the most recognised Persian cuisine and grateful travellers would tend to leave an item in their passing. The collection of cultures gave a diverse selection of spices and peppers which contributed to unforgettable dining which complimented those memorable travels.

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Incomparable Service

Quality is key here. The service is personalised for you. From the initial seating to your departure, KoolBa’s waiting staff are attentive, approachable and professional. Your personal waiter or waitress is there when you require their service, yet they understand that you enjoy the peace and serenity of being left to enjoy your meal. Behind the scenes the chef’s talent is admirable. True beauty is created in this kitchen. Dishes are always made to order through the use of traditional Indian cooking methods.

Those methods are applied on only the freshest produce which KoolBa source locally, assuring quality is never compromised.

The best selection of seasonings and aromatic spices are skilfully incorporated into your dish which in turn generates that blissful kick.

The options here are endless with a range of traditional dishes and KoolBa’s own specialties. Each choice of dish offers an individual flavour which in Indian cuisine is evidence of quality ingredients and proper cooking techniques. Diners are welcome to order dishes from across the whole Indian and Persian menu. Allowing you to opt for firm favourites and experiment with the unknown. Regardless of your choice of meal, disappointment will not manifest.

A traditional dish that is a must try is the Kofta Kebab, a Persian classic. Two skewers of succulent lamb perfectly infused with a selection of spices.

Sizzling in mouthwatering flavour as they are grilled on the open charcoal barbecue. Served with a side of the freshest salad, it is possibly the best kebab yet.

A Robust Menu & The Speciality of Spice

Understanding the importance of spices builds the foundation for exceptional Indian cuisine and through mastering the combination of flavours, KoolBa’s menu is of impeccable standards. The western world’s knowledge of spice has developed over the last decade. Predominantly gratified for the heat of the red chilli, the realisation has occurred that it is the art of combining spices that makes Indian dishes special. Not only do spices create those intense, exotic flavours but there is belief that they are beneficial to your health. “Spices are the most anti-oxidising foods on the planet, they’re very powerful foods,” claims Mr Bains, the author of Indian Superspices.

Inevitable Recognition

An Indian restaurant full of character, professionalism and dedication. There is no surprise that they received the OpenTable diners’ choice award in 2014. The admirable standard of cuisine and catering makes it a wonder how you are able to dine here at such fabulous value. With pre-theatre and lunch options costing around ten pounds for two courses, it is a guaranteed first choice.