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KoolBa – A perfect mixture of authentic Indian & Persian cuisine

If you are a food connoisseur in Glasgow, then a visit to Merchant City restaurants is a must-do activity. Most likely you have already been to the city to sample the palatable dishes that are on offer in myriad restaurants.

Well, if you are visiting Merchant City and you really love good food, then you have to eat out at KoolBa Restaurant to sample the crème de la crème of delectable cooking. For a long time, KoolBa has featured among the top restaurants in Merchant City in customer reviews and testimonials.

To appreciate the reason this restaurant creates a buzz on all travel forums, why not look at some factors that make it stand out? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Excellent Personalised Service

When you visit KoolBa, the first thing that hits you is the kind of service you get. It is personalized service where you have someone taking all your orders and ensuring you have your fill. Surprisingly, you will not have to deal with intrusive service in the pretext of good service.

All your questions on new cuisines are explained in detail by highly skilled Indian and Persian cuisine waiters. This dedicated, but unobtrusive, service makes this among the top restaurants in Merchant city.

  1. Versatile Menu Range

Any restaurant is only as good as the menu on offer and this is where the fusion between Indian and Persian cuisines plays the trick. For starters, you enjoy Persian offerings including Pitta bread, Shirzi salad and Mirza Ghassemi.

You will also get the popular Punjab Pakora, Poori and Fiona’s prawn before going for the main course with Royal Kebabs, Persina Kebba and Kofta kebab, among other delicacies. Of course you cannot leave without tasting Indian specialties such as Chicken Tikka varieties including Lyllpuri and Maseladar, among many more. Simply put, you cannot do justice to KoolBa with a single visit.

  1. Flavoursome Curry

When you sample restaurants Merchant City, you’ll realize not many come close to KoolBa in terms of fresh curry. This is a fact almost all testimonials and reviews mention, and this goes to prove that you are eating out at one of the best Merchant city restaurants.

  1. Made to Order Food

Whatever you want to enjoy in one of the coolest restaurants in Merchant city you can have. You will enjoy a specially prepared, authentic meal made to your specifications. Whether you want takeaway or a hotel meal, this hotel goes an extra mile to offer that personalized touch to your dish.

There is so much to enjoy here which makes KoolBa the quintessential restaurants Merchant city experience. From Persian BBQ and grills, gift vouchers to an expansive wine and beer list, you will not regret setting foot inside KoolBa.